In this specific historical moment, in times of great and deep socio-economical and environmental transformation, the lack of free, flexible and self- organizing spaces in cities consists of a barrier for key groups in our community that do not directly contribute to profit maximization but that certainly do so indirectly by cultivating the creative, reflective and lean culture required to generate transformative ideas for the rest of society.

This because creatives, artists, intellectuals, opinion leaders and the local community do not have platforms where they can come together, reflect, share ideas, organize and create new alternative models from the bottom-up.

In this perspective, ORGANISM, addresses a key need towards the successful implementation of the SDGs locally by reclaiming free, flexible and neutral public spaces for creatives, artists, intellectuals and the community to come together, thereby facilitating the co-creation of new ideas and visions that can help Stockholm Region to reach beyond the UN's Agenda 2030.

Organism also consists of a unique case for the integration of the role and perspective of artists in the sustainability transition which has been so far mainly approached through technology and innovation only, leaving crucial alternatives unexplored and which has been measured through strictly profit and growth driven indicators only. 

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