• Volymernas placering skapar mellanrum, öppenhet och väderskyddade ytor
  • Volymstudier, skiss
  • Modellstudie. Plats för 10-20 ateljéer + funktionsvolym (lunchrum, pentry, toa) samt ett showroom
  • Modellstudie,  mått utgår från konstnärens behov och är anpassad för semi-permanenta förutsättningar
  • Tak, fasad och övriga ytor bidrar till biologisk mångfald och minskar belastning på reningsverk
  • Vanlig syn i stadsrummet är barriärer av byggmoduler


ORGANISM is a response to the dramatic lack of studio spaces for artists in Stockholm. The concept developed by MONUMENT STUDIOS can be implemented in rural areas as in outer and inner cities. ORGANISM was initiated as a social art project with rhizomatic and sociocratic methodologies at the crossroads of sustainable, and affordable art studios and possibilities to show art, interlinked with responsible urban planning and counter-publics. In the spring of 2020 we are looking into building a consortium to see if we can take the idea into reality. The volumes are constructed from sustainable materials and based on circular economy. They are semi-permanent "urbanartgardens" where the artists follow the cluster as they reach a new destination. This way continuity in production is maintained and the peer group remains more stable. The studios dimensions are constructed to give the best possible environment for the artists to an affordable rent. The in-between spaces are used for art production and exhibitions and is set up to embrace public interlocutions.

 An UN Global Goal analysis on the ORGANISM concept is conduced by Marina Nart  >>> 

MONUMENT STUDIO is a collaborate platform for Anna Viola Hallberg & Camilla Wessman.
Contact: info (@) organism.nu

With support from Stockholms Stad, Region Stockholm, Ide(a)cation and the advisory borad.